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The Bowen Technique is an innovative therapy that is gaining increasing popularity. What distinguishes it from other therapies is that a sequence of gentle moves are applied on the surface of the skin and thus the body is stimulated towards recovery.


Bowen for joint pain

Bowen for sports injuries

Bowen for hormonal disorders

Bowen for stress
and anxiety

Bowen for babies


about me

My name is Nikolay Petrov. I have graduated Rehabilitation at University of Sofia. For more than 4 years I have been treating musculoskeletal problems, and the Bowen technique enables me to help people with hormonal disorders, stress, digestive problems, and more. Besides my medical degree, I am officially certified by the Bulgarian Association for Bowen Therapy (BABT). I am currently treating most of my patients using Bowen because of the excellent results and improvements.

The therapy has gained the trust of some celebrities like:

James Ellison is an English motorcycle racer.

Kylie Minogue is an Australian-British singer, songwriter and actress.


Bear Grylls, is a British adventurer, survival expert, writer and TV presenter.



There are three things which distiguish the Bowen Therapy from every other therapy.
The first one is that gentle and light moves are applied on the surface of the skin.
The second one is that there are pauses between the moves which are given so that the body can introduce the required change.
The third one is that processes of self-healing are activated after the treatment.

Absolutely YES!
Bowen is a therapy which if it does not help it will not cause harm. It is suitable for babies as well as adults. I have had patients from 10-day-old babies to 95-year old grandma.

The average duration of a typical Bowen Therapy session lasts between 30-40 mins. As each client is individual, some might get reactions during the session and this could extend it up to an hour.

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Usually the acute conditions are the ones which heal faster. The Bowen sessions needed can vary between 1 to 4-5 treatments depending on the condition of the patient. As the therapy has gives quick results, the symptoms might be completely eliminated within 1-2 days after the treatment.

Chronic conditions require more sessions as they have accummulated over a longer period of time.

You should keep in mind that all bodies are unique and the results may vary.

Over 90% of the clients feel relief after the first therapy session which stabilises and developes in the next few days.

The relief from acute conditions is felt a lot quicker while with the chronic conditions it is required more time in order to feel permanent improvement.

Usually after the session clients feel sleepy, calm, relaxed and thirsty because we have activated the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for the healing of the body.

After the treatment the body needs 4 to 5 days in order to adapt to the change we have introduced.

There should be a minimum period of 5-6 days between the treatments. For babies the interval can be 3-4 days.

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